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I haven’t wondered around alone without a care for longer than I can remember.

Every time I step out of myself to try and relax he attacks my state of mind, my absent subconscious

Until I break, breakdown in tears
An intermittent release of my twisted

I can’t keep him out, not now,
He’s taken control and he knows
How to make me cringe, wince, explode

In anger at my own misadventure
A inaccurate life with a “no tipex” rule
No do-overs

All my past will be, as with all others’,
Is a memory, not a filled and colourful canvas that can be changed,

An old style photograph, no second chances. Bear in mind now that I have
Limited strength,

And picture a weak man fighting his demon, fighting until his mind spills out On the floor

After it’s opened like a sluice,
The flow carrying all my shit out into
The world ocean destroying it

I’ll keep fighting him as long as I can
And God help anyone that gets caught
Up in his blaze

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